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Mini Bricks Construction Set - Dog House

Mini Bricks Construction Set - Dog House

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Enhance Your Child's Development and Creativity with the Mini Bricks Construction Set - Dog House

  • Develop fine motor skills, stimulate accuracy, and logic with this educational construction set.
  • Perfect for school projects, encouraging 3D thinking and imagination.
  • An ideal gift for strategic game fans and future architects.

Let your child's creativity shine with the Mini Bricks Construction Set - Dog House. This set features small, real-looking bricks and tiles that are easily and firmly connected with safe non-toxic glue.

Follow the instructions to build a model or unleash your imagination to create unique designs. The possibilities are endless.

What sets this construction set apart is its reusability. To deconstruct a model, simply place it in water and separate the bricks. Once dry, they are ready to be used again.

Wise Elk sets inspire constructors of any age to spend hours of fun with glue and bricks. Unlock your creativity and enjoy the endless building possibilities.

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